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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.8.10

This maintenance release forces Hangfire.Pro.Redis to always use dedicated threads for reading Redis responses, even on Windows where IOCP threads were used by default. This will help to avoid slowdowns and timeout exceptions when all IOCP threads are busy or blocked by user code. This change is made because System.Net.Http.HttpClient package began to leak IOCP threads to user code, starting from one of the recent versions.

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Hangfire 1.7.23

Maintenance release that resolves the NotImplementedException exception in the EnlishPromotableSinglePhase method when running on Mono, makes IdempotentCompletionAttribute work regardless of the current serializer settings and also fixes some other minor issues.

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Hangfire.Pro 2.3.0

It is now possible to add batch continuations with new OnlyOnCompletedState and OnlyOnDeletedState options. The BatchContinuationOptions enum now allows to specify multiple values, so it is possible to mix different options to create a continuation that fire in multiple cases. For example continuations with OnlyOnSucceededState | OnlyOnCompletedState option specified will only be executed once antecedent batch is either succeeded or completed – but not deleted, e.g. canceled.

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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.8.9

This maintenance release adds more logging only, but now almost every exception that occurs inside StackExchange.Redis package is logged with the DEBUG log level. So internal errors can be tracked now much faster than before.

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Hangfire 1.6.30

Maintenance release for 1.6.X branch with some fixes backported from recent 1.7.X versions, including a fix for possible connection leak in Hangfire.SqlServer when an exception is thrown while releasing a distributed lock.

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