This patch release has several unrelated changes, mainly to polish things and fix some minor problems. Please see the details below.


  • Changed – Update jQuery library in Dashboard UI to version 3.7.1.
  • Changed – Mark all types in Hangfire.Annotations with EditorBrowsableAttribute(Never).
  • Changed – Change state card colors for the Awaiting state to match the Scheduled state.
  • Fixed – Exception when deserializing an instance of the AutomaticRetryAttribute class from JSON.
  • Fixed – Add serialization-related constructors for all the exception classes.
  • Fixed – Use invariant culture or ordinal comparisons for internal strings.
  • Fixed – Use invariant culture when formatting key names for metrics.
  • Fixed – Use CurrentCulture instead of CurrentUICulture when displaying time.
  • Project – Enable running static analysis by Coverity Scan weekly.
  • Project – Enable mandatory static analysis by the Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.NetAnalyzers package.
  • Project – Change MSBuild path when building using newer .NET SDKs for Razor views.


  • Fixed – Exception in Dashboard UI when schema version is not present in a database.
  • FixedDbCommand resource leak when releasing a lock detected by static analysis.
  • Fixed – Don’t add SQL Server-related metrics multiple times in Dashboard UI.


  • Fixed – Include assembly information to the Hangfire.NetCore assembly.

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