Starting from Mar 8, 2022 Hangfire is owned by Hangfire OÜ (private limited), an Estonian company. This change relates only to company’s residence and structure and it’s still owned by me. I was planning the relocation the whole last year after reading Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago, that’s why I was able to do it so quickly. The transition is still in progress, but that’s only because residence change is a slow and complex process – I’m far away and will not return for any reason.

Russian-based entity is closing, and since Mar, 15 nobody works there, and no single penny goes to it starting from charges processed after ~Feb 15. Later this year I will try to contact all companies with custom EULAs to give an option to re-sign the license with the new entity, please let me know if you need to do this earlier.

New sales for companies with Russian residence are now closed and any payments will be refunded back.

Payments (processed by FastSpring), private NuGet feed, technical support and GitHub repositories are unaffected by these changes, everything remains the same, except newsletter – I was unable to replicate it in time and it doesn’t work currently. I will attempt to rebuild it, but a bit later.

Please feel free to ask any questions via

What happens in Ukraine is much worse than a nightmare.

UPD. Thanks everyone for patience, understanding and support, your kind words helped a lot.