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Hangfire 1.7.33

Patch release that implements sliding invisibility-based fetch logic with waiting on client’s side instead of SQL Server’s one (so wait statistics will be clear now) and uses SQL Server as a time authority for server heartbeats (unsynchronized clock will not cause servers to suddently disappear). Also implemented IAsyncDisposable support for service scopes in modern .NET Core applications.

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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.8.20

This version has a compatibility patch for highly popular Hangfire.Console extension so it can’t slow down the background processing when CLR’s Thread Pool is starved.

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Hangfire 1.7.32

Maintenance release with added Swedish translation of the Dashboard UI and other minor tweaks.

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Hangfire.Pro 2.3.2

This patch version fixes possible “stuck batch” issue when state of a job inside a batch continuation is changed externally before that batch continuation is started. Such state transitions shouldn’t be used, because they violate encapsulation, but nevertheless while they aren’t prohibited by the code, we should handle such cases somehow.

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Hangfire.Throttling 1.4.0