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Hangfire is completely free even for commercial use. Subscriptions below allow you to use additional options while ensuring the project will stay here for years to come. We provide 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.




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Our Customers

KCF Technologies

After years of struggling with developing, deploying and monitoring messy Windows Services, we simply queue up jobs in Hangfire and publish our website!

Mark Edwards, Software Engineering Manager


Hangfire has proven to be a robust approach for managing our scheduled tasks, while giving better visibility into the progress of long running tasks to our developers and end users.

Cory Kissinger, Head of Engineering

Social Solutions

Using Hangfire has allowed us to easily take advantage of the failover and scalability built into a process hosted in IIS.

Robert Evans, Team Lead / Architect
…and 700+ other companies from 50+ countries!

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I buying?

Hangfire is an open-source software product which is freely available for download. It is licensed under the LGPL license and you can use it even in commercial and/or properietary applications. Hangfire is fully functional and ready to use.

Subscriptions allow you to use additional functionality offered by Hangfire Pro extension libraries and contact private e-mail support. This is also the way to ensure that Hangfire project will stay here for a long term.

What payment methods are supported?

We are accepting credit cards and PayPal. If you want to purchase Hangfire Enterprise subscription via wire transfer, mail/check or purchase order, please contact, and we'll send you the details.

What if I am not satisfied?

All orders are covered by 30-days, no-questions-asked money back policy. If you aren't happy with the software, email and we'll refund the order. We don't want your money if you aren't completely satisfied with the product.

What is the buying process?

Click the Buy Now button and put in your info. Your license will be associated with the email address you use. You'll receive the latest Hangfire Pro immediately, and we'll generate your credentials for a private NuGet server and email them to you within 24 hours. We can also give you access to the private GitHub repository on your request.

How many licenses do I need to buy?

A single license allows you to use Hangfire Pro within software that is developed by one company/organization, regardless the number of developers.

Is this a subscription or a perpetual license?

Perpetual, with a yearly maintenance renewal. You are allowed to use any release of Hangfire Pro that was available when you purchased the subscription, as well as any future releases (including new features, bug fixes, etc.) for 1 year from the date of purchase.

After that 1 year, you can continue to use the version you have forever, or you can choose to renew your subscription for another 12 months to continue getting updates. By renewing annually, you help me to continue to innovate and add new features to the product.

Which currencies do you accept?

All prices on this page are in USD, however when you generate a quote or purchase you can choose between USD, AUD, GBP and EUR.

What if I need to change a subscription?

Not a problem. Just let us know, and we'll create a custom invoice so that you only pay the difference. You'll never be any worse off.

You'll receive a confirmation email upon purchase which can be used as an invoice/receipt.

Is there a trial version?

There is no free trial version available for Hangfire Pro. However we do offer a 30 day period with full refund if Pro does not work for you.

Can I view the EULA?

Yes, you can read Standard End User License Agreement or Royalty-free End User License Agreement, depending on needs to distribute the software to your customers.