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Hangfire.Throttling 1.4.1

Maintenance release that brings source link support with embedded sources for easier debugging, signed NuGet packages and their assemblies with our code-signing certificate and more secure CI pipeline for the project.

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Hangfire.Throttling 1.4.0

Hangfire.Throttling 1.3.0

Hangfire.Throttling 1.2.0

New release brings support to detach background jobs from mutexes and semaphores without changing their state. New buttons added to the Dashboard UI, and new methods added to the ThrottlingManager class (but not to the interface to avoid breaking changes) to support the new feature.

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Hangfire.Throttling 1.1.1

This is a small feature release to add human-readable descriptions for throttlers. So we can specify descriptions when creating a throttler instead of having really long identifiers, and see them in Dashboard UI. Also some minor problems fixed in this release.

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