I didn’t change the price since the introduction of Hangfire Pro in 2014, but the time has come. I have great plans regarding Hangfire 2.0 and the future versions, but I need to prepare the project to make these changes happen. Current state is well enough to support Hangfire for years, but isn’t enough for grow it up without introducing significant risks.

So I’ve made some changes to the pricing policy. I’ve added the new Startup plan without support for those who want just to use Hangfire Pro packages. Business plan now includes Hangfire Core packages under EULA, its pricing has been increased, and now on a per-developer basis. Enterprise subscription’s pricing has been decreased a bit, but it’s now the only plan that can be obtained by resellers.

New subscription plans are available on the Pricing page as always. Current subscriptions and quotes are not affected by these changes, and their renewal price and terms will be the same, unless you want to upgrade your subscriptions manually.

If you recently wanted to buy a Hangfire subscription at a previous price, don’t worry – just send an email to support@hangfire.io before Aug, 19 2017, and I’ll generate an order for you!