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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.8.17

This patch release fixes a regression appeared in 2.8 version related to the LUA-based transaction implementation, which didn’t take StackExchange.Redis’s ChannelPrefix option into account when enqueueing a background job id, causing the processing to hang when custom channel prefix is used.

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Hangfire.Pro 2.3.1

This is a small maintenance release that just add missing overloads for the ContinueBatchWith method that allows to use background jobs based on asynchronous methods as continuations for batches. But this will unfortunately work only for .NET Core platform. Unfortunately support for .NET Framework will come only with version 3.0, because breaking changes required in this case.

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Hangfire 1.7.31

Maintenance release that adds RecurringJob.TriggerJob method that returns identifier of a triggered background job, bumps Moment.js packages used by Dashboard UI to 2.29.4 and contains fixes for the pt-BR translation.

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Hangfire 1.7.30

This version contains even better implementation of ASP.NET application shutdown detection logic – detection timer was replaced with a dedicated thread to make it work even when ASP.NET killed all the thread pool threads, and yet another check based on internal state was implemented for more reliable detection.

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Hangfire 1.7.29

This is a maintenance release that adds more protection to its internal components to prevent and diagnose high CPU consumption when something goes wrong with wait implementation. Uncatchable exceptions like OutOfMemoryException and StackOverflowException are not not handled by Hangfire to avoid leaving the process in a inconsistent state. Finally command batching now works with Microsoft.Data.SqlClient package. Also some very minor features were added, please see the release notes for details.

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