This release uses new features of Hangfire 1.8 to make batches even better. It supports new storage methods to have fewer storage roundtrips, allows explicit queues for batch continuations, adds new widgets to the Job Details page to simplify the navigation between jobs and those batches, and supports a stricter Content Security Policy for Dashboard UI.

  • Breaking – Bump the Hangfire.Core dependency version to 1.8.0.
  • Breaking – Remove obsolete ContinueWith, AwaitBatch, and AwaitJob method overloads.
  • Breaking – Remove obsolete ContinueJobWith overloads with the wrong options type
  • Added – “Parent Batch” and “Batch Continuations” widgets for the Job Details page.
  • AddedContinueBatchWith method overloads with the explicit queue parameter.
  • Changed – Move inline styles and scripts to external files, allowing strict CSP to be used.
  • Changed – Use new methods to optimize GetSetCount operations to avoid roundtrips to storage.
  • Changed – Format metric values via the CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.
  • Changed – Detect menu item activeness using the OrdinalIgnoreCase comparison.
  • Changed – Use the GetReadOnlyConnection method in the Dashboard UI whenever possible.
  • Changed – Allow the use of cached BatchId parameter values to avoid storage roundtrip
  • Fixed – Make ContinueBatchWith with async methods to be supported in .NET Framework platforms.
  • Project – Enable static analysis via the Microsoft.CodeAnalysys.NetAnalyzers package.

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