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Hangfire 1.6.15

This release contains important fixes for the Hangfire.SqlServer package, which is actively using the sp_getapplock stored procedure to synchronize work between different servers. I’ve realized that locks shouldn’t be awaited on SQL Server’s side, because this may lead to SQL Server’s connection pool starvation, because each blocked request will block a single worker thread.

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Pricing Changes in 2017

I didn’t change the price since the introduction of Hangfire Pro in 2014, but the time has come. I have great plans regarding Hangfire 2.0 and the future versions, but I need to prepare the project to make these changes happen. Current state is well enough to support Hangfire for years, but isn’t enough for grow it up without introducing significant risks.

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Hangfire 1.6.14

This versions adds possibility to use non-transactional message fetching algorithm when using Hangfire.SqlServer package. This is especially helpful, if you have a lot of long-running background jobs, since they may prevent you from taking transaction log backups, leading to the Transaction log is full due to ‘ACTIVE_TRANSACTION’ error.

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Hangfire 1.6.13

This release contains a bunch of fixes for core and integration packages. The most important updates are fix for SQL connection leaks when we failed to acquire a distributed lock, and wrong queue selection, when continuation is created after antecedent job is finished. So upgrade is recommended.

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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.1.1

This is a minor update that fixes VS Code debugger crash on OS X, and don’t report ThreadAbortException as fatal. You can update only if these issues annoys you.

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