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Hangfire.Pro 1.4.10

​There was a lack of distributed lock during the batch creation phase. If an antecedent batch succeeded just after adding a batch continuation (continuations:finished set), but before the continuation was created, antecedent batch was silently ignoring the fact that continuation does not exist yet. ​I’ve added a required distributed lock, and taught a state filter related to continuations to throw an exception, when continuation doesn’t exist.

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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.1.0-beta1

Finally Redis Cluster is officially supported by Hangfire.Pro.Redis package, and correctly handles the corner cases of Redis’ async replication. I was able to implement it without requiring RedLock algorithm, regular WATCH commands are used to ensure distributed lock correctness.

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Hangfire.Pro 1.4.9

This is a correcting release that mainly fixes regression related to dashboard, appeared in the previous version.

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Hangfire.Azure.ServiceBusQueue 2.2.0

A recommended upgrade for all users to improve the reliability and accuracy of the service bus integration:

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Hangfire 1.6.12

This release brings better exception handling policy for state changing pipeline. Previously, non-transient exception in a state filter could cause a worker to perform retries for affected background job infinitely. And a large number of such background jobs could stall the processing.

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