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Hangfire.Pro 2.0.1

Another bug related to forever incomplete batches has been fixed. This bug existed for a long time, so I’d recommend anyone to upgrade.

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Hangfire.Pro 2.0.0

This release contains the most amazing update to the batches feature. Now you can create nested batches, attach jobs or batches to an existing batch, regardless of its current state, and lazily cancel running batches. Also, you can create job continuation for batch, and batch continuation for job. These feature allows you to build powerful workflows on top of Hangfire with ease.

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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.1.0

Redis Cluster is finally supported. Also improved connection resilience using custom connection loop, upgraded StackExchange.Redis to the latest version and fixed some nasty bugs. So I’d recommend to upgrade, especially if you are using Redis in cloud environments.

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Hangfire.Pro 1.4.10

​There was a lack of distributed lock during the batch creation phase. If an antecedent batch succeeded just after adding a batch continuation (continuations:finished set), but before the continuation was created, antecedent batch was silently ignoring the fact that continuation does not exist yet. ​I’ve added a required distributed lock, and taught a state filter related to continuations to throw an exception, when continuation doesn’t exist.

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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.1.0-beta1

Finally Redis Cluster is officially supported by Hangfire.Pro.Redis package, and correctly handles the corner cases of Redis’ async replication. I was able to implement it without requiring RedLock algorithm, regular WATCH commands are used to ensure distributed lock correctness.

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