French translation added in this patch release (thank you @PaulARoy!), and now full absent type or method details will be shown in the Job Details page instead of the “Can not find the target method” error message. It turns out there was a simple and non-breaking implementation for this important improvement I could find for a long time. Some help from the storage is needed for this change to work, and Hangfire.SqlServer 1.7.12 and Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.7.4 already provide it.

  • Added – Display actual job payload and exception message on job details page when could find the method.
  • Added – French translation for Dashboard UI (by @PaulARoy).
  • Added – Expose IStorageConnection.GetRecurringJobs(IEnumerable ids) to public.
  • Changed – Bump thread priority in heartbeat process for constrained environments.
  • Changed – Display job properties in a dedicated row in job details page.
  • Fixed – Avoid storage round-trip when displaying continuations on job details page.