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Hangfire 1.6.13

This release contains a bunch of fixes for core and integration packages. The most important updates are fix for SQL connection leaks when we failed to acquire a distributed lock, and wrong queue selection, when continuation is created after antecedent job is finished. So upgrade is recommended.

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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.1.1

This is a minor update that fixes VS Code debugger crash on OS X, and don’t report ThreadAbortException as fatal. You can update only if these issues annoys you.

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Hangfire.Pro 2.0.1

Another bug related to forever incomplete batches has been fixed. This bug existed for a long time, so I’d recommend anyone to upgrade.

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Hangfire.Pro 2.0.0

This release contains the most amazing update to the batches feature. Now you can create nested batches, attach jobs or batches to an existing batch, regardless of its current state, and lazily cancel running batches. Also, you can create job continuation for batch, and batch continuation for job. These feature allows you to build powerful workflows on top of Hangfire with ease.

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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.1.0

Redis Cluster is finally supported. Also improved connection resilience using custom connection loop, upgraded StackExchange.Redis to the latest version and fixed some nasty bugs. So I’d recommend to upgrade, especially if you are using Redis in cloud environments.

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