This version contains fixes for some corner cases in Hangfire.SqlServer, minor enhancements for Hangfire.Core and Catalan translation for Dashboard UI. Thank you Abraham Gausachs, Tomasz Malinowski and Will for your help with this release!


  • Added – Catalan translation for Dashboard UI (based on Spanish translation, by @agausachs).
  • Added – Support for configuring recommended serializer settings via callback (by @Yaevh).
  • Fixed – Use correct wording for job parameters in Job Details page, add it to resources.
  • Fixed – Don’t push negative points to the realtime graph in dashboard.
  • Fixed – Don’t depend on history collection type returned from Storage API.
  • Project – Execute tests one by one to ensure exit code isn’t being lost (by @willchis).


  • AddedUseIgnoreDupKeyOption for SQL Server storage configuration (changes to [Set] and [Hash] tables required).
  • Fixed – Don’t truncate too long keys silently, throw exceptions instead.
  • Fixed – Add missing null checks for methods in the SqlServerWriteOnlyTransaction class.
  • Fixed – Change holdlock hint to xlock in merge statements in transaction to prevent deadlocks.
  • Fixed – Don’t rethrow “Lock request time out period exceeded” exceptions from expiration manager.
  • Fixed – Increase [Server].[Id] column’s length to 200 for new installations.

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