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Hangfire 1.6.21

This are late release notes for a maintenance release with minor fixes. Please see the list of fixed issues below and upgrade if necessary.

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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.3.0

The goal of this release is to resolve the timeout issues that appear in .NET Core 2.X applications. Such behavior was caused by networking implementation of SE.Redis, which posted Redis response processing logic to thread pool’s worker threads, instead of completion ports or custom threads, due to the lack of the corresponding API in netstandard1.X specification.

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Hangfire 1.6.20

This release contains fixes for security issues related to dashboard, so it is highly recommended to upgrade. Cross-Site Request Forgery protection was added by using existing libraries, but methods are different across application frameworks:

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Hangfire.Pro 2.1.1

This maintenance release fixes race condition in the UseBatches method that can lead to the InvalidOperationException with “Batches are not initialized” message.

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Hangfire 1.6.19

This release fixes a regression appeared in 1.6.18 as well as contain some improvements for the Hangfire.SqlServer package.

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