These are maintenance releases that fix blocking issues appeared in version 2.6.0 when using multiple RedisStorage instances in the same process with the same queue names, avoid sharing the same semaphore for different storages when using distributed locks, add RedisStorageOptions.UseLegacyTransactions option to avoid using LUA-based transactions and add experimental Hangfire.Pro.Redis.SEv2 package based on StackExchange.Redis 2.X.


  • Fixed – Blocking problems when using multiple storages with the same queue names in the same process (appeared in 2.6.0).
  • Fixed – Unwanted blocking when trying to acquire a distributed lock for the same resource in multiple storages.
  • Fixed – Avoid using duplicated prefix when determining endpoint to query time from.


  • AddedRedisStorageOptions.UseLegacyTransactions option to avoid LUA-based transactions for older Redis servers.
  • Added – Experimental Hangfire.Pro.Redis.SEv2 package based on StackExchange.Redis 2.X version.