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Hangfire 1.7.6

This is yet another maintenance release with added support for dashes in queue names (thanks, @augustoproiete), better recurring job error messages in Dashboard UI and some other useful fixes.

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Introducing Hangfire.Throttling

The new Hangfire.Throttling package released today. It contains different concurrency and rate limiters that will help to reduce the load on external resources like databases or third-party services. All of these limiters work without forcing workers to wait until a throttling condition is satisfied, by delaying or deleting a job, so all the workers are free to process other jobs.

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Hangfire 1.7.5

This is a maintenance release that provides better handling of recurring job scheduling errors, clearly shows when there are problems with fetching statistics in Dashboard UI (thanks, @prochnowc!), doesn’t infinitely caches IBackgroundJobClient and IRecurringJobManager instances that throw JobStorage.Current is null exceptions, and also adds the AddHangfireServer overload with options-based callback.

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Hangfire.Pro 2.2.1

This release fixes occasional timeout exceptions that occur when attaching nested batch continuations for nested batches that are currently processed. The exception occurred due to a deadlock caused by different batch lock acquisition order when nested batches are involved.

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Hangfire 1.7.4

This is a maintenance release that contains important fixes for the Hangfire.SqlServer package to avoid deadlocks if you have long-running jobs, improvements for background process dispatch loop’s implementation, and also an interesting experimental feature that can transparently make background job creation resilient to transient exceptions by using idempotent retries.

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