Maintenance release that resolves the NotImplementedException exception in the EnlishPromotableSinglePhase method when running on Mono, makes IdempotentCompletionAttribute work regardless of the current serializer settings and also fixes some other minor issues.


  • AddedJobId property to JobPerformanceException for error logging purposes (by @Plasma).
  • FixedJsonSerializationException when using IdempotentCompletionAttribute.
  • Fixed – Unreported yet corner case related to daylight time transition by upgrading Cronos to 0.7.1 (by @aidmsu).
  • Fixed – Dashboard issue: recurring job table doesn’t handle very long cron strings.
  • Fixed – Add missing argument-is-null check for the DeserializePayload method.
  • Project – Replace deprecated PerformContext ctor usage to avoid alerts in SonarQube (by @kumaheiyama).
  • Project – Avoid possible NullReferenceException in tests to fix alerts in Fortify analyser.
  • Project – Release connections properly in tests to fix alerts in Fortify analyser.


  • FixedNotImplementedException in Transaction.EnlistPromotableSinglePhase when running on Mono.

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