It is now possible to add batch continuations with new OnlyOnCompletedState and OnlyOnDeletedState options. The BatchContinuationOptions enum now allows to specify multiple values, so it is possible to mix different options to create a continuation that fire in multiple cases. For example continuations with OnlyOnSucceededState | OnlyOnCompletedState option specified will only be executed once antecedent batch is either succeeded or completed – but not deleted, e.g. canceled.

  • Added – It is possible to use OnlyOnCompletedState and OnlyOnDeletedState options for batch continuations.
  • Added – Make it possible to specify multiple BatchContinuationOptions for batch-to-batch continuations.
  • Added – Allow to specify multiple BatchContinuationOptions for batch-to-job continuations.
  • Added – Allow to use multiple JobContinuationOptions values for job-to-batch continuations.
  • Added – Show job continuations on the “Batch Details” page in Dashboard UI.
  • ChangedBatchContinuationOptions enum is now decorated with the FlagsAttribute attribute.