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Hangfire.Pro 2.3.2

This patch version fixes possible “stuck batch” issue when state of a job inside a batch continuation is changed externally before that batch continuation is started. Such state transitions shouldn’t be used, because they violate encapsulation, but nevertheless while they aren’t prohibited by the code, we should handle such cases somehow.

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Hangfire.Throttling 1.4.0

Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.8.19

This patch version contains improved logging for SSL/TLS authentication routine to understand what’s actually happened when something went wrong with the DEBUG log level enabled for the Hangfire.Pro.Redis namespace.

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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.8.18

This release fixes ArgumentException when accessing the Dashboard UI with Redis metrics enabled if Redis Server instance has multiple additional modules installed.

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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.8.17

This patch release fixes a regression appeared in 2.8 version related to the LUA-based transaction implementation, which didn’t take StackExchange.Redis’s ChannelPrefix option into account when enqueueing a background job id, causing the processing to hang when custom channel prefix is used.

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