Correcting release that adds missing configuration methods, contains important fixes for the Hangfire.SqlServer storage and adds some tweaks for the Dashboard UI.


  • AddedMisfireHandlingMode.Ignorable to avoid scheduling recurring jobs on missed schedules.
  • Added – Support disabling dark mode via the DashboardOptions.DarkModeEnabled property.
  • Changed – Remove the 1-hour limitation for the WithJobExpirationTimeout configuration method.
  • Fixed – Add missing UseDefaultCulture configuration method overloads.
  • Fixed – Add missing UseDashboardStylesheet and UseJobDetailsRenderer configuration methods.
  • Fixed – Give even more space for identifiers on the Recurring Jobs page.
  • Fixedstate-card-state-active color is not very dark (by @coolhome).
  • Fixed – Slightly change chart proportions to fit 4K in Dashboard UI.


  • Fixed – Blocked workers regression since 1.7.28 when using multiple servers inside a process.
  • Fixed – Target schema version is less than the current schema version error.
  • Fixed – Implement database metrics without the need for additional permissions.
  • Fixed – Use the forceseek table hint whenever possible to avoid performance drops.


  • Fixed – Add net461 target for Hangfire.NetCore package to avoid missing method exceptions.

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