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Hangfire.Azure.ServiceBusQueue 2.2.0

A recommended upgrade for all users to improve the reliability and accuracy of the service bus integration:

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Hangfire 1.6.12

This release brings better exception handling policy for state changing pipeline. Previously, non-transient exception in a state filter could cause a worker to perform retries for affected background job infinitely. And a large number of such background jobs could stall the processing.

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Hangfire 1.6.11

This release fixes a problem with CSS and JS files in dashboard appeared in 1.6.10, as well as corrects the authorization behavior, when the User property is null.

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Hangfire 1.6.10

This is a maintenance release that contains fixes for job continuations and some dashboard issues related to Content Security Policy and recurring jobs page. It’s highly recommended to upgrade to prevent problems with continuations. They are rare, but lead to significant headache.

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Hangfire.Pro 2.0.0-beta2