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Hangfire 1.5.2

This is a hotfix for Hangfire 1.5.1 users. If you are using one of previous versions, you are unaffected by this bug.

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Hangfire 1.5.1

Hangfire Pro 1.4.0

New versions of Hangfire Pro packages released to be compatible with Hangfire 1.5.0 version. Background jobs in batches now performing slightly faster, and Redis transaction scope was reduced to the Commit method, allowing to query for data from apply state filters.

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Hangfire 1.5.0

Finally after 4 months of development and after 4 betas, Hangfire 1.5.0 released. Now you are able to customize your background processing pipeline even more, by using many types that were internal in previous versions. More responsive dashboard, IoC container scopes, support for remote MSMQ queues and other cool features are waiting for you!

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