This release contains a bunch of fixes for core and integration packages. The most important updates are fix for SQL connection leaks when we failed to acquire a distributed lock, and wrong queue selection, when continuation is created after antecedent job is finished. So upgrade is recommended.


  • Fixed – Continuation is fired on a wrong queue, when parent job is finished before the creation.
  • Fixed – Impossible to intercept failed state transition before AutomaticRetryAttribute.
  • Fixed – Fixed translation in Chinese localization on home page (by @JustinChia).
  • Fixed – Don’t throw NullReferenceException, when state has changed during query on Processing page.
  • FixedCreateBatchFailedException, when batch creation takes longer than 1 hour.


  • Fixed – Types are resolved using the GetServiceOrCreateInstance method (by @Tsabo).


  • FixedSqlServerDistributedLock leaks connections, when lock acquisition is failed.
  • Fixed – Don’t hide errors occurred while running SQL migrations.
  • FixedKeyNotFoundException when accessing Deleted Jobs page in Dashboard.