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Hangfire 1.7.14

New version fixes a regression appeared in 1.7.13 which causes unexpected duplicate entries in the JobParameters table when using SQL Server as a job storage with older schemas (V5 and below). This problem is caused by a changed query in the previous version, and that change is rolled back now. No other manual steps required to fix the issue.

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Hangfire.Throttling 1.2.0

New release brings support to detach background jobs from mutexes and semaphores without changing their state. New buttons added to the Dashboard UI, and new methods added to the ThrottlingManager class (but not to the interface to avoid breaking changes) to support the new feature.

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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.7.6

This version adds support for authenticating with username available in Redis 6 to use ACL support. Just add username= or user= option to your connection string, and you’ll be able to use the same Redis instance for multiple tenants with proper data isolation between them.

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Hangfire 1.7.13

Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.8.0-beta1

The new pre-release version brings significantly improved command pipeline with less stalls due to the absence of conditional transactions (now using LUA scripting instead of them), less round-trips to Redis, decreased latency when obtaining distributed locks and optimized fetching from multiple queues using a single command. These changes heavily increase the throughput especially when using Redis in a cloud environment or using complex features in Hangfire.

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