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Hangfire 1.5.0

Finally after 4 months of development and after 4 betas, Hangfire 1.5.0 released. Now you are able to customize your background processing pipeline even more, by using many types that were internal in previous versions. More responsive dashboard, IoC container scopes, support for remote MSMQ queues and other cool features are waiting for you!

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Hangfire 1.4.7

This is a correcting release that fixes problems with TaskCanceledException thrown by a job method as well as issue with MSMQ extension, when background jobs are created within a TransactionScope block.

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Hangfire 1.5.0-beta3

Version 1.5.0 will open many types that were internal in previous versions of Hangfire, like Worker or IBackgroundFactory, to enable you to have completely custom background processing. This release simplifies the usage of these types, of course only to decrease the amount of questions on forums :smiley:.

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Hangfire 1.4.6

This is a maintenance release that fixes deadlocks in expiration manager, SQL command timeouts in distributed locks (and in the DisableConcurrentExecution filter) and correctly handles poison messages in a schedule.

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Hangfire Pro 1.3.1

This is a correcting release that fixes a race condition related to batch continuations and slightly improves performance of a batch job processing, especially when using SQL Server. It is strongly recommended to upgrade.

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