This is a correcting release that brings fixes to fully support generic methods, whose generic arguments are defined in their parameters, including List<T> and T[]. A lot of issues with Dashboard UI that cause exceptions and other errors, like uncontrolled growth of event listeners on resize, were also fixed. Please see the full delails below.


  • FixedArgumentException when using complex arguments in generic methods like IList<T> (by @aidmsu).
  • Fixed – Generic arrays like T[] aren’t supported in background job arguments (by @aidmsu).
  • Fixed – Wrong choice of the overload when multiple methods match the given arguments (by @aidmsu).
  • Fixed – Null values for arguments when there are errors during the JSON deserialization.
  • Fixed – Window resize cause errors and uncontrolled growth of event and poll listeners (by @Yarmonov).
  • FixedHtmlHelper.ToHumanDuration incorrectly formats fractional seconds.
  • Fixed – Dashboard UI shows wrong description for CRON that contain trailing spaces (by @aidmsu).
  • Fixed – Exception in Dashboard UI when CRON expression is null by an accident (by @aidmsu).
  • Fixed – Error in Dashboard UI when rendering an array that contains a null element (by @djfoz).
  • Fixed – Inconsistent constructors’ accessibility for different context classes (by @pieceofsummer).
  • Fixed – Decrease the max default workers count to “20” in tests (by @patrykpiotrmarek).
  • Fixed – Inconsistent EOL characters in some files of a project (by @aidmsu).
  • Fixed – Make Queue name accessible from RecurringJobDto (by @swordfish6975).


  • Fixed – Validation added to avoid “An invalid application lock time-out” exceptions (by @t0mburton).


  • Fixed – Parameterless AspNetCoreJobActivator.BeginScope method now returns a correct instance (by @pieceofsummer).

Please see the corresponding release on GitHub for linked issues/PRs.

Thank You!

As you can see from the release notes, almost all the bugs were fixed by contributios, and that’s very exciting! Thanks for your help in improving stability of Hangfire! Here are the super heroes:

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