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Hangfire 1.4.3

This is a correcting release that allows Hangfire to work with databases with case-sensitive and binary collations and fixes some other problems. Integration tests now are running against a case-sensitive database to reduce the probability of a mistake.

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Hangfire Pro 1.2.2

This is a correcting release that fixes job prioritization via queue ordering in an instance of the BackgroundJobServerOptions class and adds support for symbol packages.

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Hangfire 1.4.2

Hangfire Pro 1.2.0

After a long development, batches and batch continuations are completed, and I’m glad to introduce these features. It was a real challenge for me and for Hangfire to implement these features as a regular extension. If you don’t share my joy (Batches? Why I need them?), I’ll show you why they are so important.

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Hangfire 1.4.0

About 4 months passed since release of version 1.3, and I’m pleased to introduce the next major release – Hangfire 1.4 with a lot of new features added and a lot of stability improvements made. This is the most important upgrade since version 1.0.

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