This is yet another maintenance release that fixes a bunch of non-critical bugs in Hangfire.Core and Hangfire.SqlServer packages.


  • Fixed – Unexpected DateTime and DateTime? serialization issues in background job arguments (by @plaisted).
  • FixedDistributedLockTimeoutException in some background processes now logged with “DEBUG” level instead of “ERROR”.
  • FixedElmahLogProvider to show errors when using SQL log (by @francnuec).
  • Fixed – Last execution field isn’t shown on recurring jobs page, when background job has already expired.
  • FixedHangfire.SqlServer assembly doesn’t include version in the netstandard target.


  • Fixed – Lower the number of requests, when trying to acquire a distributed lock.
  • Fixed – Problems with continuations and batch continuations, when using existing SqlConnection instance.
  • Fixed – Distributed locks were silently released, when passing explicit closed connection to a storage.
  • FixedKeyNotFoundException errors on various dashboard pages don’t appear anymore (by @benjymous).
  • Fixed – “Cannot release the application lock because it is not currently held” exceptions, when connection was closed.
  • Fixed – Allow to use zero timeout for SQL Server-based distributed locks.

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