This release contains a lot of fixes, but the most important ones are related to .NET Core and ASP.NET Core frameworks. Filters based on attributes are now working fine there, and DisplayName decoration will finally bring the human-ready name for your jobs. Other fixes are mostly related to dashboard.


  • Added – Add on option to remove the storage connection string from the footer (by @sandorfr).
  • Added – Add Dashboard UI Resource zh-TW (by @crablin).
  • Fixed – OutOfMemoryException in dashboard when arguments are too big.
  • Fixed – DisplayNameAttribute doesn’t work when using dashboard in .NET Core (PR #1154).
  • Fixed – Update rickshaw css to match the js version (by @pieceofsummer).
  • Fixed – Bad exception when Job.FromExpression fails to resolve method for explicit interface implementations (by @f00).
  • Fixed – Missing intValue-values in “/stats” endpoint (by @pieceofsummer).
  • Fixed – Logging doesn’t work with log4net integration in .NET Core (by @evollu).
  • Fixed – Fix nuspec pointing to version of Newtonsoft.Json that does not exist (by @mvestergaard)
  • Fixed – Server start time has a bad tooltip position (by @pieceofsummer).
  • Fixed – Prevent connection string from blowing mobile page layout (by @pieceofsummer).
  • Fixed – Number of recurring jobs per page is now correct (by @pieceofsummer).
  • Project – Get rid of all the compile-time warnings (by @liakamp).
  • Project – More details for build instructions for the project (by @kristofferjalen).
  • Project – Unable to build project with space in folder path (by @stefanviberg).


  • Added – More Hangfire-related services are now registered in an IoC container (by @pieceofsummer).
  • Fixed – Queue parameter is ignored in .NET Core when creating a job (by @pieceofsummer).
  • Fixed – Fix issue with configuration block not called on .NET Core (by @pieceofsummer).


  • Fixed – Rare deadlocks in SQL Server caused by the SetRangeInHash command.

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