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Hangfire 1.6.0-beta3

Third beta of the upcoming 1.6 release. Contains a fix for a bug introduced in the previous beta, related to inability to add custom filters, as well as fixes from the recent 1.5.7 version.

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Hangfire 1.5.7

This is a correcting release that contains a fix for Dashboard UI crashes when using MSMQ (finally, thanks @yangman for this!), as well as some other minor fixes.

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Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.0.0-beta1

Hangfire Pro 1.4.5

This release fixes distributed locks in Hangfire.Pro.Redis that didn’t take the Prefix option into account. This may result in problems and different timeout when a single Redis instance is used for a bunch of applications with separate code base.

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Hangfire 1.6.0-beta2

This is the second beta of upcoming the 1.6 release. It contains some new features, but most importantly, it incorporates bug fixes released with recent 1.5.5 and 1.5.6 versions related to SQL Azure and recurring jobs, please see them for more details.

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