This is a maintenance release that provides better handling of recurring job scheduling errors, clearly shows when there are problems with fetching statistics in Dashboard UI (thanks, @prochnowc!), doesn’t infinitely caches IBackgroundJobClient and IRecurringJobManager instances that throw JobStorage.Current is null exceptions, and also adds the AddHangfireServer overload with options-based callback.


  • Fixed – Show error message when there’s an error loading the statistics in Dashboard UI (by @prochnowc).
  • Fixed – Properly handle recurring jobs with null or empty ‘Job’ field.
  • Fixed – Disable recurring job when we can’t schedule it due to an error.
  • Fixed – Use LazyThreadSafetyMode.PublicationOnly to avoid caching “JobStorage.Current is null” exceptions.

Hangfire.AspNetCore & Hangfire.NetCore

  • Fixed – Add missing overload for the AddHangfireServer method with “options” action.