Patch release with fixed regression in Hangfire.AspNetCore 1.8.9, bumped dependencies and signed NuGet packages and all the assemblies with a company code signing certificate using an awesome SignPath tool.


  • Changed – Added Norwegian translations for new keys (by @khellang).
  • Changed – Update Brazilian Portuguese translation (by @HugoAlames).
  • Changed – Bump Cronos dependency to version 0.8.3.


  • Fixed – Don’t check HasStarted in Response.WriteAsync to avoid breaking dispatchers.


  • Changed – Bump Dapper for the netstandard2.0 platform to version 2.1.28.
  • Changed – Bump Dapper for net451 and netstandard1.3 platforms to version 1.60.6.

Hangfire.Core, Hangfire.NetCore, Hangfire.AspNetCore, Hangfire.SqlServer, Hangfire.SqlServer.Msmq

  • Project – Enable NuGet package and DLL signing with a company certificate.
  • Project – Require NuGet package signature validation on restore for dependencies.
  • Project – Add HangfireIO as a package owner.