The last preview version of the 1.8 release that adds support for dark mode for Dashboard UI (UseDarkModeSupportForDashboard configuration method should be called, since extension packages don’t support this mode yet), allow to use custom JavaScript and CSS files and improve default settings for SQL Server-based job storage to match the recommended options whenever possible.


  • Added – Dark mode support for Dashboard UI configurable with the UseDarkModeSupportForDashboard method.
  • Added – Allow to add custom JavaScript and CSS files to the Dashboard UI via the DashboardRoutes class.
  • Added – Ability to use custom formattable resource identifiers for the DisableConcurrentExecutionAttribute.
  • Changed – Increase the default value for the BackgroundJobServerOptions.StopTimeout to 500 ms.


  • AddedTryAutoDetectSchemaDependentOptions option to automatically enable options based on schema.
  • ChangedGetJobData now populates JobData.ParametersSnapshot property to avoid additional round-trips.
  • Changed – Polling delay when QueuePollInterval is set to zero now defaults to 200 ms.
  • DeprecatedUsePageLocksOnDequeue option is now obsolete and doesn’t affect anything.

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