Maintenance release that bumps dependencies in Dashboard UI to the latest patch versions, fixes exception when trying to add a continuation for an already expired job when using Hangfire.SqlServer and contains other minor tweaks.


  • Changed – Upgrade Bootstrap from 3.3.7 to version 3.4.1 in Dashboard UI.
  • Changed – Upgrade Chart.js from 2.7.3 to version 2.9.4 in Dashboard UI.
  • Changed – Upgrade jQuery from 2.2.4 to version 3.6.0 in Dashboard UI.
  • Fixed – Check background job existence before adding a continuation id to job parameters.
  • Fixed – Incorrect validation for the HeartbeatInterval option (by @GitHubPang).
  • Fixed – Use better stacking for succeeded/failed charts in the Dashboard UI.
  • Fixed – Move explicit styles to CSS to fix possible CSP errors in Dashboard UI.
  • Fixed – Reset default sync auth filter when async one is specified in Dashboard UI.


  • Fixed – Avoid any blocked rows when removing inactive servers from the Server table.

Hangfire.NetCore and Hangfire.AspNetCore

  • Added – More overloads for the AddHangfireServer extension method in .NET Core.
  • DeprecatedUseHangfireServer method for targets where AddHangfireServer one is available.