This beta finally adds the Queue property directly to a job and adds all the required overloads to BackgroundJob, RecurringJob classes and IBackgroundJobClient and IRecurringJobManager interfaces to specify queues dynamically at run-time and preserve them between retries. Dashboard UI is now implemented in full-width, so long method names are no longer a problem.


  • Added – Introduce the Job.Queue property, so jobs now can have their own queue specified.
  • Added – Method overloads to create recurring jobs directly with a custom default queue.
  • Added – Method overloads to create background jobs directly with a custom default queue.
  • AddedIBackgroundJobClient.Create method overloads with the new queue parameter.
  • Added – Experimental JobStorageConnection.SetContains method.
  • Added – Pass ServerId to FailedState instances to simplify the debugging on different servers.
  • Changed – Dashboard UI now have full-width layout to display more data (by @danillewin).
  • Changed – Query time from storage in recurring and delayed schedulers when supported by storage.
  • Changed – Speedup delayed jobs when custom default queue is specified by avoiding extra state transition.
  • Changed – Display scheduled job count when enqueued count is zero on the main metric.
  • Changed – Don’t display queue name in state transition list when it’s the default one.
  • Changed – Re-implement TaskExtensions.WaitOneAsync only with the RegisterWaitForSingleObject method.
  • Changed – Expose state data dictionaries in list DTOs when supported by storage.
  • Changed – Make it possible to display methods of non-loaded jobs in Dashboard UI when supported by storage.
  • Fixed – Check job details for the null value before passing it to renderers (regression).
  • DeprecatedAddOrUpdate overloads with optional params defined in the RecurringJobManagerExtensions class.
  • DeprecatedAddOrUpdate overloads with optional parameters defined in the RecurringJob class.
  • DeprecatedAddOrUpdate method overloads with no recurringJobId parameter.
  • DeprecatedRecurringJobOptions.QueueName property, new methods should be used instead.


  • Added – Implement the Connection.GetUtcDateTime feature to make work new changes in schedulers.
  • Changed – Display scheduled and processing jobs in the ascending order in Dashboard UI.

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