This is a maintenance release that adds German localization for Dashboard UI (thanks @d-oit!), adds IGlobalConfiguration.UseMaxArgumentSizeToRender extension method and fixes some minor issues. Dominik Oswald, Jurriaan Wijnberg and Jeremy Hayes, thanks for your help!


  • Added – German (Deutsch) Dashboard UI localization (by @d-oit).
  • AddedIGlobalConfiguration.UseMaxArgumentSizeToRender method to avoid “VALUE TOO BIG” messages.
  • Changed – Remove “readonly” keyword from the JobMethodCallRenderer.MaxArgumentToRenderSize field to support .NET 5.0.
  • Fixed – Race condition in AspNetShutdownDetector leads to NullReferenceException (by @jr01).
  • Fixed – Avoid ArgumentException: Item has already been added when preserving an original exception.
  • Project – Add repository link to nuspec files (by @jeremyhayes).


  • Fixed – Return null instead of throwing FormatException when job id can’t be parsed.
  • Project – Run the entire Hangfire.SqlServer test suite against the new Microsoft.Data.SqlClient package.