These versions contain important fixes for Redis-based job storage implementation, including better handling of fail-over events in clustered environments, reduced number of timeout exceptions and better reliability for distributed locks.


  • Fixed – Avoid using thread pool while reading responses from Redis almost everywhere.
  • Fixed – Almost all reasons for timeout exceptions when thread pool contention is high.


  • Fixed – Possible reasons for timeouts in FetchedJobsWatcher class and Heartbeat method.


  • Fixed – Decrease reconnect time by using millisecond-based retry delays.


  • Fixed – Subscribe command now goes to the correct server even after manual fail-over.
  • Fixed – Proper PhysicalConnection.BeginReading exception handling.
  • Fixed – Automatically release all non-disposed locks when connection is closing.
  • Fixed – Protect distributed locks from being disposed multiple times.
  • Fixed – Don’t leak server contexts in static RedisConnection.ServerContexts.
  • Fixed – Use endpoint address family instead of hard-coded InterNetwork value.