This version contains improvements for recurring jobs, support for Microsoft.Data.SqlClient package, experimental ability to use background job results in continuations (after calling the IGlobalConfiguration.UseResultsInContinuations extension method), even better integration with .NET Core 3.0 and bunch of other fixes.

Thank you Ken Dale, Stefan Buehler, Brayan Mota, Saleh Yusefnejad, Bert Roos, Nabeel Valley and Luke Girvin for your help in making this release!

Ken Dale Stefan Buehler Brayan Mota Saleh Yusefnejad Bert Roos Nabeel Valley Luke Girvin


  • AddedIGlobalConfiguration.UseResultsInContinuations method to globally enable results for continuations.
  • Added – Ability to push antecedent job’s result to continuations via job parameters with ContinuationsSupport.
  • AddedJobParameterInjectionFilter server filter to inject job parameters as arguments.
  • Added – Allow to specify a custom thread factory in UseBackgroundPool methods.
  • Changed – Add retry attempts for recurring jobs instead of immediately disabling them.
  • FixedCultureInfo.InvariantCulture is now restored properly in background jobs.
  • Fixed – Recurring jobs aren’t triggered early after changing their cron expressions.
  • Fixed – Don’t trigger recurring job when it can’t be scheduled due to errors.
  • Fixed – Argument with a null value is skipped when displaying job arguments in Dashboard UI.
  • Fixed – Add a workaround for resolving System.Diagnostics.Debug type in .NET Core 3.0.
  • Deprecated – Deprecate the JobActivatorScope.InnerScope property as it wasn’t implemented.


  • Added – Support for Microsoft.Data.SqlClient package when using a custom connection factory (Part II).
  • Fixed – Remove System.Data.SqlClient dependency from SqlCommandBatch and ExpirationManager.


  • AddedIAppBuilder.MapHangfireDashboard method for ASP.NET Core 3.0 endpoint routing (by @kendaleiv).
  • Changed – Add explicit netcoreapp3.0 target with “Microsoft.AspNetCore.App” framework reference (by @stebueh).


  • Changed – Add explicit netcoreapp3.0 target with reference to “3.0.0” packages.


  • Added – Making ASP.NET Core application always running on IIS (by @bamotav).
  • Fixed – Small typo on the “Getting Started in ASP.NET Core applications” page (by @msynk).
  • Fixed – Small spelling correction in “Throttling & Rate Limiters” (by @Bert-R).
  • Fixed – Small typo in the “Sending Email” tutorial (by @nabeelvalley).
  • Fixed – Correct spelling of ‘prerequisites’ in (by @lgirvin).

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