This is a maintenance release that contains useful enhancements for Dashboard UI, support for command batching even in .NET Core when using System.Data.SqlClient 4.7.0 and higher, support for the Microsoft.Data.SqlClient package in Hangfire.SqlServer (postponed to 1.7.8) and other minor changes.

Thank you @231293, timbo, C. Augusto Proiete, @mccj, Alexander Tsoi, Ken Dale and Daniel Sturm for your help!


  • Changed – Produce a trace log message with details when updating a recurring job.
  • Changed – Return early from CoreBackgroundJobFactory.Create when storage returns null.
  • Project – Minor changes for the file (by @231293).
  • Project – Add netcoreapp3.0 target framework for Hangfire.Core.Tests.
  • Project – Add support for MSBuild 15.0 (VS 2019) when building *.cshtml files.

Dashboard UI

  • Added – Allow modification of the Dashboard UI title (by @tbertenshaw).
  • Added – Support for HTML tags on the Dashboard UI title (by @augustoproiete).
  • Added – Buttons for 1,000 and 5,000 items per page in dashboard.
  • Added – Links to previous/next pages to the top of the dashboard page.
  • Changed – Expose the RazorPage.Context property as a public member.
  • Fixed – Supplementary Chinese translation (by @mccj).
  • Fixed – Don’t update real-time chart when too much time passed since the last update.


  • Added – Add support for Microsoft.Data.SqlClient package when using custom connection factory.
  • Added – Add UseFineGrainedLocks option to avoid deadlocks in some theoretical cases.
  • Added – Add missing overload for UseSqlServerStorage with connection factory parameter only.
  • Added – Expose the SqlServerObjectsInstaller.GetInstallScript method (by @altso).
  • Fixed – Make command batching working on .NET Core when using System.Data.SqlClient 4.7.0 and higher.
  • Fixed – Permit dash characters (-) in schema names (by @kendaleiv).
  • Fixed – Escape square bracket characters in schema names.
  • Project – Add support for netcoreapp3.0 target in Hangfire.SqlServer.Tests.
  • Project – Take schema name from constant in Hangfire.SqlServer.Tests (by @kendaleiv).
  • Project – Make Hangfire.SqlServer.Tests work on Linux in Travis CI environment.


  • Fixed – Add missing AddHangfireServer method for .NET Framework 4.6.1 and higher (by @danstur).

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