This patch release contains stability improvements for recurring jobs, better handling of custom time zone resolvers in Dashboard UI and other minor fixes. If you are upgrading from 1.6.X, please see Upgrading to Hangfire 1.7 article to learn the details.


  • AddedDashboardOptions.TimeZoneResolver property to handle custom time zone resolvers in Dashboard UI.
  • FixedRecurringJob.AddOrUpdate method is now able to update a broken recurring job.
  • Fixed – Recurring job scheduler now properly handles recurring jobs whose job method or time zone is wrong.
  • Fixed – Don’t throw an exception on Recurring Jobs page when time zone can’t be resolved.

Hangfire.AspNetCore & Hangfire.NetCore

  • Added – Automatically resolve ITimeZoneResolver service for the DashboardOptions.TimeZoneResolver property.
  • Fixed – Allow to resolve IJobFilterProvider service from the AddHangfire method.


  • Fixed – Occasional “DataException: Error parsing column” error when using blocking fetch.