This version brings support for Mono on Linux and macOS platforms without the need to reference additional packages. On Windows, both .NET Framework and .NET Standard 2.0 now use the same methods for polling a socket for new data, to make the behavior consistent across platforms.

  • Added – Latest version of Mono is now supported on Linux/macOS platforms.
  • ChangedSocketMode.Poll is used now in netstandard2.0 target on Windows for better reliability.
  • Fixed – Unable to connect to Redis on Linux/MacOS when using Mono, due to the absence of ws2_32.dll.
  • FixedFetchedJobsWatcher doesn’t requeue just fetched jobs that were previously aborted.
  • Fixed – Declare loggers as instance fields instead of static ones to prevent caching old values.
  • Fixed – Reduce the number of ResultBox object allocations in transactions.