This is a patch release that adds some nice features for Dashboard UI, knows how to deal with recurring jobs with invalid Cron expressions, and contains some minor improvements for SQL Server storage. Also, Hangfire.NetCore package was added to support new .NET Core Worker Service applications without referencing any ASP.NET Core packages.

If you still use 1.6.X version, please see Upgrade Guide article for detailed instructions on how to migrate to the newer version.


  • AddedDashboardOptions.IgnoreAntiforgeryToken property to disable token validation in Dashboard UI.
  • Added – Display hints regarding server status on Servers page in Dashboard UI.
  • Added – Highlight recurring jobs with no next execution in Dashboard UI.
  • Added – Show actual error in Dashboard UI when recurring job has an invalid Cron expression.
  • FixedInvalidOperationException when AllowSynchronousIO option isn’t set in ASP.NET Core 3.0.
  • Fixed – Set NextExecution value to null when existing recurring job has an invalid Cron expression.
  • Fixed – Make dashboard charts to be more culture-specific to use correct time format.
  • Fixed – Obsolete UseSerializationSettings comment now contains correct method name (by @PaitoAnderson).
  • Projectresx files now re-generated automatically when building a project.


  • Added – Worker Service host support for .NET Core without unnecessary dependencies to ASP.NET Core.


  • Changed – Use blocking fetch implementation only for sub-second polling intervals.
  • Fixed – Don’t fail with an exception when can’t connect to MS SQL instance during start-up.
  • Fixed – Don’t access the JobQueue table when using blocking query and don’t have results.

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