Finally Redis Cluster is officially supported by Hangfire.Pro.Redis package, and correctly handles the corner cases of Redis’ async replication. I was able to implement it without requiring RedLock algorithm, regular WATCH commands are used to ensure distributed lock correctness.

This is a big win, because you don’t need to have N separate detached masters just to ensure locks are working correctly, so can save some time and money :tada:! I will make a final release after more testing, but the changes are very simple, and you can use it now, at least on staging environments.

  • Added – Redis Cluster is fully supported without RedLock algorithm and additional masters.
  • ChangedabortConnect option is now specified by default.
  • Changed – StackExchange.Redis updated to 1.2.1 for the net45 target.
  • Changed – Remove dependency on the Microsoft.NETCore.Portable.Compatibility package.
  • DeprecatedRedisStorageOptions.AllowMultipleEndPointsWithoutRedLock is now obsolete, just remove it.