This correcting release contains a lot of stability improvements for Hangfire.SqlServer, especially for SQL Azure Database environments. Processing is now more predictable even in Basic pricing tier, there is a special harness application that’s running 24/7 to ensure everything is fine. Some problems related to I18N, authorisation and continuations were also fixed.


  • Added – Chinese language to Dashboard UI (by @andy-zhouyou).
  • Changed – Default upper limit of worker number is 20.
  • Changed – Default value for DashboardJobListLimit is now 10000.
  • Fixed – Deserialization exception in continuations, when TypeNameHandling.All option is used (by @MaksimSimkin).
  • Fixed – I18N is not working, because there are no localized resources in NuGet packages.
  • Fixed – Infinite redirect loops, when authenticated, but not authorized user accesses Dashboard UI.
  • Fixed – “The type … exists in both…” issue when building Hangfire, related to Newtonsoft.Json.
  • Fixed – Use the given type’s method, when scope variable is passed to a job expression.
  • Fixed – Very rare resource leaks detected by Coverity Scan.


  • Fixed – Different timeout issues after making performance optimisations.
  • Fixed – SQL timeouts while getting a connection, when using default settings and ≥ 8 CPU cores.
  • FixedExpirationManager is bloated by SqlError instances, when there are a lot of messages from server.
  • Fixed – Counters query returned inconsistent results during CountersAggregator executions.
  • Performance – Added missing NOLOCK hint for monitoring queries when using SqlServer-based queues.
  • PerformanceExpirationManager is forced to use index seek operations for cascade deletions.
  • PerformanceCountersAggregator now uses clustered index scan to issue less logical reads.
  • Performance – Paging queries in dashboard now use CTEs to utilize less logical reads.

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