This correcting release contains important fixes for SQL Server and MSMQ integrations, as well as some cosmetic changes to the Dashboard UI. Major blocking problem was resolved, when using Hangfire with SQL Server, that may cause a lot of blocking records in the State table, preventing background processing from working flawlessly, when expired records are removed from a database – Database Engine didn’t use the right index during the query performance.


  • Changed – Recurring job page displays now raw cron strings, descriptions are in tooltips.
  • Fixed – Return non-highlighted stack trace, when parsing takes too long, instead of throwing an exception.
  • Fixed – Dashboard UI works correctly again, when IE 11 is in the Compatibility Mode.
  • Fixed – Long method names now don’t push tables out of the boundaries now.


  • ChangedJobExpirationCheckInterval property value now defaults to 30 minutes.
  • Fixed – Excessive blocking when expiring records in State and JobParameters tables.
  • Fixed – Migration script Install.sql was deadlocked by itself, leading to errors on startup.


  • Fixed – Public MSMQ queue paths are parsed correctly now, when determining the queue length.

Please see the corresponding release on GitHub for linked issues/PRs.

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