This is a correcting release that fixes a couple of problems, including exception when using Serilog (appeared in 1.6.0), wrong CRON format strings for intervals, and ones that relate to the .NET Core platform. They were revealed by adding support to continuously run unit tests on Windows, Linux and OS X for the .NET Core using AppVeyor and Travis CI.


  • Added – Automatic unit tests execution for .NET Core on Windows, Linux and OS X using AppVeyor and Travis CI.
  • FixedDateTime deserialization issues on .NET Core platform.
  • Fixed – Fixed UI command behaviour, buttons can only be pressed once per command (@mahoneyj2).
  • FixedTypeInitializationException when using Serilog appeared in version 1.6.0.
  • Fixed – Cron format strings for intervals are specified correctly now (@stevetsang).
  • FixedNullReference on Job Details page when background job has null value for IEnumerable argument.
  • Fixed – Don’t skip symbols when publishing NuGet packages.
  • Fixed – Use GUID identifier when can’t determine the host name.


  • Fixed – Add missing GetHttpContext extension method for the .NET Core platform (#613).

Thanks to Jamie Mahoney (@mahoneyj2) and Steven Tsang (@stevetsang) for their help in eliminating bugs!

Please see the corresponding release on GitHub for linked issues/PRs.

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