This is the first beta of an upcoming 1.6 release. Added support for async background job methods, ability to access context when creating an IoC container scope, dashboard with i18n support, redesigned Job Details page and zero latency for simple setup with SQL Server.


  • Added – Ability to create jobs based on async methods, they are awaited by a worker (by @tuespetre).
  • Added – Multilanguage support in Dashboard via resource files (by @Elph).
  • Added – Show background job continuations on Job Details page.
  • Added – Access to background job context from the JobActivator.BeginScope method.
  • Changed – Job Details page was redesigned to be more clean with less colors.
  • Changed – Update jQuery to 2.1.4 and rickshaw.js to 1.5.1.
  • Changed – Update NCrontab to 3.1.0.
  • Changed – Update CronExpressionDescriptor to 1.17.
  • FixedToGenericTypeString method now supports nested classes (by @patrykpiotrmarek).


  • Added – Zero latency processing when client and server reside in the same process (by @bgurmendi).
  • ChangedSqlServerStorage class constructor now takes DbConnection instances (by @tystol).


  • Fixed – Package now depends on the latest Hangfire.SqlServer instead of version 1.2.2.

Please see the corresponding release on GitHub for linked issues/PRs.

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