Hangfire Pro Licenses

Hangfire Pro is a proprietary software without an OSS license available. It consist of the following packages that provide additional features and don’t aim to replace packages or assemblies of the open-source version.

  • Hangfire.Pro
  • Hangfire.Pro.Redis
  • Hangfire.Pro.Redis.StrongName
  • Hangfire.Pro.PerformanceCounters

Copyright © 2014–2024 Hangfire OÜ. All rights reserved.

Commercial Licenses

Subject to the purchase of a corresponding subscription, you may distribute Hangfire Pro software under the terms of commercial license, that also allows you to distribute private forks and modifications. All the licenses are perpetual, allowing you to use whatever version you have forever. Please see Standard EULA and Royalty-free EULA articles for details.

Third-party Notices

Hangfire Pro software may include open-source software component released under one of the so-called permissive software licenses and developed by third parties. Each component has its own copyright and its own license conditions. A list of the open source software can be found in NOTICES file accompanying the distribution, and also available on our site.

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