If you author an extension, please don't hesitate to post it here by editing the _data/extensions.yml file and creating a pull-request. Just click the link and follow the instructions.


Project Author Latest Version
Logging heartbeats from Hangfire to elmah.io
elmahio Latest version
Job console extension for Hangfire
pieceofsummer Latest version
Makes it easier to use Hangfire.Console with .net core dependency injection
AnderssonPeter Latest version
Allows you combine Hangfire.Console with Serilog
AnderssonPeter Latest version
Adds a management dashboard to manually queue jobs.
tracstarr / pjrharley Latest version
Adds correlation id support through integration with Correlate.
skwasjer Latest version
Role/claims-based and basic authorization for Dashboard
HangfireIO Latest version
Shows the hangfire dashboard in a beautiful dark theme
vip32 Latest version
Adds a management dashboard to manually queue jobs.
mccj Latest version
recurring job extensions for hangfire dashboard.
labelzhou Latest version
Functionality to read Hangfire configurations from key-value pair based configuration
nevets82 Latest version
Server utilization monitoring for Hangfire
ahydrax Latest version
Build http jobs(BackgroundJob or RecurringJob) by hangfire web api Or dashbord
yuzd Latest version
Allow Multi-App, Multi-Server, Multi-Queue sharing a single Database
GeXiaoguo Latest version
Throttle the number of concurrent jobs
alastairtree Latest version
A plugin for Hangfire that enables you to launch jobs manually.
ahydrax Latest version
Build RecurringJob automatically
icsharp Latest version
Build Topic based Subscriber Jobs
jmarbutt Latest version
Auto clean jobs that are not in the code
ramon-balaguer Latest version
Improved stack traces rendering for failed jobs
pieceofsummer Latest version
Makes it possible to add tags to jobs, and filter jobs based on these tags.
face-it Latest version
A simple dashboard to manage Hangfire's recurring jobs.
bamotav Latest version
A Hangfire extension to store a log during job execution.
felixclase Latest version
ApplicationInsights integration to track Jobs as Operations.
coolhome Latest version


The following projects enable you to use your favorite storage. Each storage has its own benefits and drawbacks, but you are free to change it at any time, since Hangfire is abstracted from a concrete storage.

Project Author Latest Version
Hangfire.Azure.ServiceBusQueue barclayadam Latest version
Hangfire.AzureDocumentDB imranmomin Latest version
Hangfire.AzureCosmosDb imranmomin Latest version
Hangfire.CompositeC1 burningice2866 Latest version
Hangfire.Couchbase imranmomin Latest version
Hangfire.Firebase imranmomin Latest version
Hangfire.Firebird rsegerink Latest version
Supports SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL, DB/2.
xavierjefferson Latest version
Hangfire.LiteDB codeyu Latest version
Hangfire.MemoryStorage perrich Latest version
Hangfire.Mongo sergeyzwezdin Latest version
Hangfire.MySqlStorage arnoldasgudas Latest version
Hv.Hangfire.SqlServer.Memory minhhungit Latest version
Fork of Hangfire.MySqlStorage addressing deadlocks and performance issues
MiloszKrajewski Latest version
Hangfire.PostgreSql frankhommers Latest version
Hangfire.PostgreSql.ahydrax ahydrax Latest version
Hangfire.Raven cady-io Latest version
Hangfire.Realm gottscj Latest version
An Alternative SQLite Storage for Hangfire.
felixclase Latest version

IoC Containers

These projects simplify the integration between Hangfire and your favorite IoC Container. They provide custom implementation of JobActivator class as well as registration extensions that allow you to use unit of work pattern or deterministic disposal in your background jobs.

Project Author Latest Version
Hangfire.Autofac HangfireIO Latest version
Hangfire.Funq apilavakis Latest version
Hangfire.Lamar cocowalla Latest version
Hangfire.LightInject sbosell Latest version
Hangfire.MEF Excommunicated Latest version
Hangfire.Ninject HangfireIO Latest version
Hangfire.TinyIoC richclement Latest version
Hangfire.SimpleInjector devmondo Latest version
Hangfire.SpringNet imranmomin Latest version
Hangfire.Stashbox z4kn4fein Latest version
Hangfire.StructureMap cocowalla Latest version
Hangfire.Unity phenixdotnet Latest version
Hangfire.Windsor BredStik Latest version

Unofficial .NET 4.0 Support

Project Author Latest Version
Hangfire_Net40 phillcampbell Latest version
Hangfire_Net40.Core phillcampbell Latest version
Hangfire_Net40.SqlServer phillcampbell Latest version
Hangfire_Net40.SqlServer.MSMQ phillcampbell Latest version
Hangfire_Net40.SqlServer.RabbitMQ phillcampbell Latest version
Hangfire_Net40.Redis phillcampbell Latest version
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